This is my picture when I am in elementary, junior and senior highschool. So in this blog I want to tell you my experience behind of those picture. And of course my realization. And to know what is skill that I have.
Because of this picture I was inspired to go back everything that I remember when was a kid. This picture is my graduation pic when I was a kinder. So… Let me to tell you guys the story behind of this picture. When I was kinder every morning my Mama was disgusted to me because every morning, when she said. “Hey wake up.” My head was so sleepy. That’s why I sit for a while and if my Mama is going to the kitchen to preparing for my break fast. I’ll continue my bed weating. Every morning that is the same scenario. Then when I was kinder student. My Mama said to me that I am always ignoring someone to talk to me. Except if someone is important to tell me. Thanks then! So past forward in my Elementary days. For me my elementary days is not difficult. Because I am not grade conscious. I am just enjoy it. Because my Mama said to me. That she didn’t need a higher grade. She didn’t wan’t to frustrate me because to grade that I need to pursue. She wants me to enjoy. If the lesson was started sometimes I didn’t listen to my teacher. Because my mind is flying. My imagination is where goes. I don’t know why. So because of that instead I listen ing to my teacher. I’ll form of any scenario. Or I’ve daydreaming. That’s why when I was kid. I’ve love they dreming. In a onther way, usually if someone asking to kid to what they want, when they grow. Every children has answer. Like. They want to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, Polis, and so on. But me? When I was kid or elementary student. If someone to ask me what I want when it times I grow. I said. ‘I don’t know.” I am a kid that doesn’t have a dream. But like a imagining scenario or daydreaming.
Then I’ll become a Junior highschool. Seriously, I don’t know why. When I am a junior high school. I admit it because I am not a better student. Sometimes my teacher and my parents is having a headache because of me. That’s why I feel so sorry sometimes. In this stage of my schooling. While I enjoy the highschool I gradually see and felt a maturity in my outside. But I think for me know a days. When I am highschool student I am not totally mature in inside. Because of the nonsense that I do when I am a highschool. I cheat in the test, I didn’t pass the requirements on time, I ditch my class. And so on the non sense that I do. And this stage I found out my hobby. Was Addicted on reading fictional books. Writing sometimes a story. Any story or scenario forming in my mind. But sometimes I wrote the scenario that I want to do but I can’t do it yet. I’ll express my nonsense thoughts. Hahaha! I’ve wrote that I want. It’s my trip to my life. I love imagining. I dunno why. πŸ˜‚ And sometimes I want watching teleserye. So go back in school thingy. In grade 10. I’ll become a serious in my acads. But not totally. Because In my mind I need to be serious because if I don’t, I will not pass in junior highschool. And thanks! Because I’ll march the ceremony in junior that called ‘Moving up.’ and before that every student will end in junior high in my school. It’s having talk to talk with their home room teacher. The home room teacher ask to their student to want they want a proffession someday. Then I remember, when I’ll turn. My teacher ask to me. “What do you want someday?” Gosh! That question! I heard the same question again 8years ago. I said in my mind. So.. I said the truth. I said to my teacher. “I don’t know ma’am.” Then my teacher nooded at me. I’ll already a teenager but I haven’t a dream. Usually the kid just a have a dream compared to me, toward to becoming an adult. So sometimes the others thoughts I have no dreams.
That’s why I ask my self. What I want some day.
And here we go! I’ll past in junior high and I am a senior highschool. The two year’s sy before the end of highschool. I’ll take a academic strand Humanity and social science. Before I know what I want the strand in senior. First I going back the question that I heard in my elementary, and junior highschool days. A question that: What I want to be someday. And I ask my self. What I want. And I’ll pray. I’ll just say to my self that It impossible to me that I haven’t a dream. In this stage, my hobby was increas in reading fictional books. Writing, watching any teleserye. I’ve wrote a teen adult story, teen fiction and so on. In this hobby I recognize what I want. I discover that my hobby is possible to become my skills. That’s why I was decide to what I want. Now I want to be a successful writer someday. Someday I want my story to publish. And I’m happy when the day it comes, if someone read my story and she/he said they inspired to what I wrote. And I’ll hope my story was released to become movie someday. In short I want to be a filmmaker. That’s why I’ll take a humanity and social science when I am a senior highschool. And now in collage I’ll take a Mass communication Arts. I want to enhance my writing skill now. And I want to grow my knowledge when it come to english. And now. My dream was expanded. Not also to became a succesful writer. Now I what to be come a successful in life someday with my love ones and With the God also. I cant believe that the children with no dreams. The teenager that cause of headaches of her teacher and parent. The other thoughts that there was no dreams. Now Is having a big dreams and She do what she can do for her dreams. πŸ˜‰



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