How it feels to be a Plipino?

Do you know? “Tuyo, sisig, sinigang, biko, pandesal kwek-kwek?” Even sundot kulangot? The most favorite dessert of the kids in Manila while playing tumbang preso, tagutaguan etc. Oh my! I miss my childhood days! What about Divisoria? The National capital of shopping place in the philippines. Because the stuffs are so affordable. It’s Christmas season that’s why it’s crowded now at divi even though it’s pandemic.✌️ Do you know what is “omsim, etneb, egul?” The popular language in Manila specially to Filipino teenagers? If you know all of this, you are Filipino. Filipinos have a very delicious dish. A simple dish but when they eat together with their families, it must be delicious. Fililipin buy a not so expensive stuff usually or sometimes. Filipino is so creative to creat language. In 18 years that I live at the philippines. I have seen all this things while I grow up. But you know the Filipinos are so lovable, soft hearted to anyone, Even in a non-filipino people.For me being a filipino is so exciting. Its so happy, even if my counrty is facing a poverty. Filipino can smile even if the situation is difficult. Filipino says sometimes. “Ayos lang yan lilipas din yan.” Then smile. That is their way to Cheer up their countryman. Filipino is so generous to the foreign when their having a vacation in one of the islands in the Philippines. Example at Amanpulo in palawan, silay in bacolod, it has a mascara festival every year. A boracay beach, and so on. Those vacation area that you didn’t forget because of the beautiful view that you have seen. That’s why it’s more fun in the philippines! So what you waiting for? Hahaha! Joke! It’s pandemic so maybe next time. Hahaha!To someone who will read this. I worte this blog to describe what I saw in my country. I want to share who really the Filipinos are. On how to be a Filipino. Being a filipino for now is challenging but happy. Why? Because while we’re facing the pandemic, filipino can still smile. Now, filipinos are having unity because of this pandemic not also to this pandemic but also to other disaster that was came. HOW TO BE A FILIPINO? It’s exiciting yeah!

Ps: That picture that I captured is in caloocan city hall. One of the city in the philippines.

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