What do you want to receive this Christmas?

121 days 16weeks 4months those days, weeks and months is the season of Christmas in the philippines. They say that the philippines have a long Christmas. Is that true. When it come to Christmas, Filipino is very excited to celebrate a Christmas. Usually the kids. Because they know that they will receive a gift from their God mother and God father.

Christmas is season of giving. And the one thing that the most scenario in Christmas is the Noche Buena. All members in family is always gather in this gathering. Laughing, greetings, share thoughts, and teasing. These are the dominant in the middle of noche buena. It’s beautiful to remember all scenario during Christmas Eve. But in the year 2020 my Christmas celebration is it feels inadequate in our family. Because last december 17, 2020 my grand mother was passed away.

But our family was forced to be okay in this Christmas and new year. Because we know that my beloved grand mother is at peaceful place. I hope that every Christmas, my family is complete. I hope this world will have a long lasting life. That every Christmas family is always complete. But sadly in reality, this world wasn’t permanent. If someone ask me what I want this Christmas. I wish that my family is always healthy and more days to come. It’s okay for me that I didn’t received any stuff in this Christmas because our stuff is not also permanent. Because for me in this Christmas, my family is the most important gift to me in this world. Thanks to the creator. The God! love your family while they are still alive. Let them know that you love them. Love your Family guys. Belated merry Christmas and happy new year every one.


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